02 outubro 2006

Tentem lá interpretar!!! :S

A minha carta astral!
Eu dou uma ajudinha...

Moon in Capricorn:
These people can be very determined in the pursuit of one single objective and will leave all other emotional considerations behind.
These people are quite happy to be alone.

Mercury in Cancer:
Many of the thoughts and learning processes occur unconsciously.
Immense powers of memory are possible

Venus in Gemini:
Someone who enjoys variety in their love-life enjoy meeting lots of different people, especially those who are witty and well educated.
May find that brothers or sisters or neighbours are valued friends throughout their lives
They will enjoy literature and word games and are very happy to travel for a social gathering.

Mars in Libra:
They will be extremely energetic in the defence of justice.

Jupiter in Virgo:
They are likely to enjoy good relationships with work colleagues and should be well rewarded for their efforts and work

Saturn in Virgo:
There is a lack of natural rhythm and order.

Uranus in Scorpio:
These individuals have intense feelings and are uncompromising once they have decided on a course of action.

Neptune in Sagittarius:
Espoused a need to return to more spiritual principles

Pluto in Libra:
Feminist ideals of equality between the sexes

Sun in IX House
Strong desire to travel.

Interest in the cultures.
Strong belief systems.
Interest in spiritual or religious pursuits.
Interest in higher education.

Moon in III House
Immense curiosity.

Need for constant travel.
Attachment to siblings or neighbours. I
ntellect affected by imagination and emotions.

Mercury in IX House
Interest in higher education.

Interest in passing on knowledge to others.
Interest in travel and other cultures.

Venus in VIII House
Wealthy marriage partner.

Money through inheritance.
Fulfilling sex life.

Mars in XI House
Scientific and mechanical ability. I

nterest in community issues or social reform.
Active, energetic friendships.

Leading involvement in group activities.

Jupiter in X House
High status, possibly fame through the career.

Ethical principles strong in business.
Professional ambition.
Honesty and dependability in career.
Excellent public reputation.
Managerial ability.
Excellent business ability.
Wealth in later life.

Saturn in XI House
Friendships with older or serious people.

Responsibilities in group activity.
Friends may be either loyal or supportive or self-seeking.

Uranus in I House
Need for excitement and constant stimulation.

Great intelligence.
Need for personal freedom.
Lack of interest in the conventional.

Neptune in II House
Idealistic use of money.

Extravagance or impractical attitudes towards money.
Unusual means of acquiring money.

Pluto in XII House
Great compassion.

Interest in meditation.
Telepathic ability.

Agora misturem tudo! E sou eu! Ou pelo menos é o projecto que os astros tinham para mim!

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Carla Yu disse...

Onde fizeste a carta astral? Também gostava de fazer a minha...


Joao Malainho disse...

Preciso mesmo de comentar? Eh eh

Pierrot disse...

Pois...já fui!
Não pesco linha disto sabias!!!
Sou um sagitariano, seja lá o que isso for para mim, para ti e para o mundo ehehehe!
Bjos daqui

Nani disse...

Será que quem fez a minha aceita encomendas de outras???

Nani disse...

Só posso dizer uma coisa: adoro sagitários!! Um dia explico porquê! ;)

Joao Malainho disse...

Isso é para responder?